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Wellness Wellness
Brand definition and development for a super-premium offer for pet specialty retailers.
Harpoon Branding Harpoon Branding
New identity and packaging design language for a New England institution.
Solos Solos
Brand positioning, naming and messaging for a nascent consumer technology.
Brown Forman Brown Forman
Collaborative development of practices and tools to align brand teams.
iRobot iRobot
Positioning, naming and nomenclature for category-defining autonomous appliances.
Westin Westin
Brand name development for an on-the-fly co-work and conferencing offer.
Shure | Microflex Shure | Microflex
Product positioning, messaging and launch materials for a new wireless offer.
Cayan Cayan
New positioning and identity for a payment systems innovator.
Polaroid | Instant Photography Polaroid | Instant Photography
Retail packaging solutions for the film and cameras of an iconic American brand.
Philips | Color Kinetics Philips | Color Kinetics
Visual identity system design to support a repositioning from color to white light LEDs.
Sloan® Sloan®
Repositioning strategy, visual design and verbal branding for a global plumbing leader.
Community Community
A new brand strategy and visual identity system for a venerable American brand.
Shure | Axient Shure | Axient
Launch strategy and tools for the premier commercial wireless microphone system.
Ansell | Brand Architecture Ansell | Brand Architecture
Product roadmap and brand architecture alignment to streamline a global portfolio.
NextWorth NextWorth
B2C positioning strategy and rebranding for an existing B2B service offer.
Dell Dell
Customer experience design for a direct-to-customer market leader.
Kraft Kraft
Product line logic and nomenclature for the growing offer of a category leader.
MeYou Health MeYou Health
Brand strategy and visual identity for a wellbeing focused social media start-up.
ClosetMaid ClosetMaid
Customer experience design for a category leader in DIY retailing.
Connotate Connotate
Brand positioning strategy for the aligned offers of two merged data-mining services.
Positioning, verbal branding and content for a consumer financial services innovator.
Office Depot Office Depot
Brand experience definition and documentation for a private brand portfolio.
Oral B Oral B
Research and definition for personal oral care product innovation platforms.
Quantum Quantum
User experience design and packaging for a removable mass storage standard.
Howard Leight Howard Leight
Product line logic and positioning to align the PPE portfolios following a merger.
Honeywell® (formerly Sperian Fire) Honeywell® (formerly Sperian Fire)
Product definition and communications to launch a newly consolidated fire safety offer.
J.D’Addario® | Bass Strings J.D’Addario® | Bass Strings
Line logic, verbal branding and packaging to better connect products with players.
Visual design and retail presentation to revive the vibe of this iconic British amp brand.
Gretsch Gretsch
Line logic, product positioning and messaging for the Gretsch acoustic guitar offer.
Panasonic Panasonic
Product positioning strategies for small and mid-size business segments.
Berkleemusic Berkleemusic
Innovation workshop design and facilitation to engage an extended marketing team.
Ansell | Technology Branding Ansell | Technology Branding
Technology brand architecture for the global leader in industrial hand protection.
Halo Halo
Brand positioning and line logic for a big dog in pet specialty channels.
Blackwood Blackwood
Brand strategy and visual identity for a super-premium pet food offer.
Shure | Microflex Advance Shure | Microflex Advance
Creative strategy and launch materials for advanced digital conferencing microphones.
Vivere Vivere
New positioning and identity for a fertility practice consultancy.
ZINK Imaging ZINK Imaging
Brand development for an inkless, portable printing platform.
Zildjian® Zildjian®
Player-centered retail merchandising solution based on a cymbal sound palette.
Ambient Ambient
Brand and product positioning for a thought leader in glanceable information.
Owens Corning Owens Corning
Launch strategy and tools for a market-by-market launch of a new insulation solution.
Retail product positioning research and new market entry strategies.
Research and definition for personal, portable lighter innovation platforms.
Starrett Starrett
Positioning research to define a US go-to market strategy for globally sourced products.
BodyMedia® BodyMedia®
Brand naming, positioning and identity for a wearable computing startup.
Magic Beans Magic Beans
Brand strategy and visual identity for a progressive baby gear and toys retailer.
Bigsby® Vibratos Bigsby® Vibratos
Retail packaging system to bring a DIY vibrato solution to guitar enthusiasts.
America’s Test Kitchen America’s Test Kitchen
Product line logic and nomenclature for the growing offer of a category leader.
Positioning refinements, brand expression guidelines and tradeshow launch.